With over 20 years of experience, we offer a wide range of services to explore genomes, their expression and regulation, from quality control of starting samples to data analysis. These services are intended for the entire scientific community, national and international, public and private.

The platform is a member of the central core of the France Genomics National Research Infrastructure

The platform is IBISA certified.

The platform is certified ISO 9001 - NF X 50-900.

Our scientific and quality policy.

Our services

Our services and recommendations are detailed in the product sheets on the right.

Currently equipped with an Illumina NextSeq 2000 and a MGI DNBSEQ-G400 sequencers, we are carrying out projects to analyse :

of the transcriptome :

  • RNA-seq
  • small RNA-seq
  • Single cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq)
  • Spatial transcriptomics

of the epigenome :

  • ChIP-seq
  • Cut & Run
  • MeDIP-seq
  • We also have experience in sequencing your ATAC-seq or Cut & Tag libraries

of the genome :

  • Targeted regions of the genome (exome, regions of interest)
  • Full genome sequencing

multiomics :

  • Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression

For these projects, we prepare and sequence your libraries, performing quality controls at each step. We can also perform the bioinformatics analysis of your data. We have expertise in a wide variety of applications and have developed dedicated bioinformatics pipelines to analyze the corresponding results.

Alternatively, you can use our sequencing capabilityto sequence your own libraries as long as they are compatible with Illumina technology.

Need help designing your experiment?

See our product sheets above or our decision support diagrams below:

Library (bulk)

Sequencing features

Single cells/nuclei

Spatial transcriptomics


Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us (

  • For RNA projects: Christelle Thibault and Céline Keime
  • For DNA projects: Bernard Jost and Stéphanie Le Gras

Submit a project

How to submit a project to GenomEast?

Via our web interface

What procedure should I follow?

How to send samples to GenomEast?

Consult the following documentation

All our services are governed by the general terms and conditions of sale, which take precedence over any conditions of purchase, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us. You can also consult our Data Management Plan.


We regularly share our knowledge and expertise through various courses and training sessions, including:

  • The "High Throughput Approaches" course at the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg (ESBS)
  • The "Omics 2" course of the Master 2 Biology-Health, Biomedicine Research course at the University of Strasbourg
  • The PhD Program of the IMCBio University Research School in Strasbourg
  • The DU "High-throughput sequencing and rare diseases" at the University of Dijon
  • The AVIESAN IFB Inserm bioinformatics school
  • The organisation of training courses in bioinformatics for high-throughput sequencing with Inserm and the CNRS


Head of the platform

Christelle Thibault-Carpentier

Sample processing

  • Bernard Jost (head)
  • Marie Cerciat
  • Amal El Amri
  • Romain Kaiser
  • Christelle Morgenthaler-Roth
  • Angélique Pichot
  • David Rodriguez
  • Serge Vicaire


  • Céline Keime (head)
  • Matthieu Jung
  • Stéphanie Le Gras
  • Damien Plassard
  • Tao Ye


The platform is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including :

NextSeq 2000 high throughput sequencer (Illumina)

DNBSEQ-G400 high throughput sequencer (MGI)

The Chromium iX single cell technology (10x Genomics)

The Visium CytAssist (10x Genomics)

Other equipments:

  • High-throughput sequencing: iSeq100 (Illumina)
  • High-throughput nanofluidics: Chromium Controller (10X Genomics)
  • Spatial transcriptomics: GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (NanoString)
  • Quality control : Varioskan Flash Reader and Qubit Fluorometer (Thermo Fisher), 2100 Bioanalyzer and AATI Fragment Analyzer (Agilent)
  • Sonicator : E220 AFA system (Covaris)
  • IT Infrastructure : computing power (Dell): 304 cores, storage (Lenovo, GPFS): 750 TB

Collaborations and networks

France Génomique

Our platform has been a partner of the France Genomics network since the initial selection of the project within the framework of the "Investissements d'avenir" in 2011. This network brings together and shares the resources of the main French genomics and bioinformatics platforms.

Fondation maladies rares

Since 2011, we have been one of the partner platforms of the Fondation maladies rares for the implementation of the "GenOmics: high throughput sequencing & rare diseases" programme, which aims to unravel the genetic and molecular basis of rare diseases using high throughput sequencing. 


Starting 2021, we belong to the CORTECS network, which groups together the Scientific Research and Services Platforms of the University of Strasbourg in partnership with SATT Conectus Alsace and the services of the CNRS and INSERM.

Since its beginnings, our platform has benefited from the financial support of numerous public and private partners for the acquisition of equipment and technologies necessary for its development, as well as for the financing of personnel.

New applications and technologies

Over the past years, we have gained a strong expertise in single-cell sequencing technologies (Research Expertise 2021 prize from the University of Strasbourg). We further implement new applications each year. At the same time, we are implementing two complementary technologies dedicated to spatial transcriptomics: Visium (10X Genomics) and GeoMx (NanoString).