The GenomEast platform is a member of the National Research Infrastructure France Génomique. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a wide range of services to explore genomes, their expression and regulation, from quality control of starting samples to final data analysis. These services are intended for the entire scientific community, national and international, public and private.

Currently equipped with an Illumina HiSeq 4000 sequencer, we routinely perform ChIP-seq, DNA-seq and RNA-seq analyses using a wide variety of protocols and have developed dedicated bioinformatics pipelines to analyse the corresponding results. In recent years, we have also gained expertise in single cell sequencing technologies. We have experience in single cell RNA-seq analysis using the Fluidigm C1TM microfluidic system, FACS-sorted cell-based BD™ precise assays and more recently the 10X Genomics Chromium system. Finally, we offer high-throughput Q-PCR gene expression analysis down to the single cell level with Fluidigm Biomark ™ technology.

To maintain high-level scientific services, we are committed to a quality approach according to the ISO 9001 standard for which we have been certified since January 2007. We strengthened this quality commitment in January 2016 by meeting the requirements of the NF X 50-900 standard, a French benchmark adapted to the scientific, technical and managerial needs of life science technology platforms (Scientific and quality policy of the GenomEast platform).

Current projects


To enrich our panel of single cell RNA-seq services, we are currently working on the implementation of the SPLIT-seq protocol of Rosenberg et al (Science, 2018, 360: 176-182) in collaboration with the Celphedia / Phenomin infrastructure. This method, which uses only basic laboratory equipment, allows the profiling of several tens of thousands of cells in a single experiment.

Collaborations and networks

Fondation maladies rares

Since 2011, we have been one of the partner platforms of the Fondation maladies rares for the implementation of the "GenOmics: high throughput sequencing & rare diseases" programme, which aims to unravel the genetic and molecular basis of rare diseases using high throughput sequencing. The other partners in the programme are the Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine and Integragen in Evry, as well as the Imagine genomic platforms in Paris and Biogenouest in Nantes.

France Génomique

Our platform has been a partner of the France Genomics network since the initial selection of the project within the framework of the "Investissements d'avenir" in 2011. This network brings together and shares the resources of the main French genomics and bioinformatics platforms, in order to offer the scientific community an efficient and varied range of equipment as well as a large catalogue of cutting-edge techniques in all areas of sequencing application.


Starting 2021, we belong to the CORTECS network, which groups together the Scientific Research and Services Platforms of the University of Strasbourg in partnership with SATT Conectus Alsace and the services of the CNRS and INSERM.

Fundings and partners

Since its beginnings, our platform has benefited from the financial support of numerous public and private partners for the acquisition of equipment and technologies necessary for its development, as well as for the financing of personnel.


Different services to study the genome, its expression and variations

The platform offers expression-, genomics- and epigenetics-profiling services, from quality check of starting material up to data analysis. For each application, a dedicated data sheet below describes the services provided by the platform and gives advices regarding sample preparation. The platform also organizes numerous trainings on deep sequencing technology and bioinformatics.

Library preparation protocol


Suggested sequencing features

Submit a project

How to submit a project

To submit a project to the structure, please follow the procedure described on the following link depending on whether you are an IGBMC user or an external user.

Our services are governed by the current general terms and conditions of sale, which prevail over any conditions of purchase, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.

Sending samples to GenomEast

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