Rodents house

Rodents house


Elisabeth METZGER

With a capacity of around 25,000 mice, the IGBMC animal facility, which covers 1,500 m2, is divided into 3 sanitary and functional areas: an SPF (Specific Pathogenic Free) breeding area of 300 m2, an experimental phenotyping area of 350 m2 and a mixed breeding and experimentation area of 900 m2. The type of accommodation is diverse (open cage, ventilated cage, isolator, disposable cages, etc.) to adapt to the specific needs of breeding SPF animals but also to experimental projects. Dedicated rooms equipped with materials (PSM, gas anesthesia, isolators, fume cupboards, etc…) allow experimentation in compliance with the legal framework and animal welfare.

The service also offers services to users:

  • line cryopreservation (more than 1150 lines frozen to date),
  • decontamination / reviviscence of lines by transfer of embryos to EOPS status
  • export and reception of lines (live mice or embryos)
  • technical assistance and training

The IGBMC animal facility (EU 0236; approval D67-218-37) is affiliated to the Com’eth Ethics Committee (CEEA-017) which meets 1-2 times a month for the evaluation of projects.

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