Since its creation 30 years ago, the IGBMC has been a major player in cancer research. A pioneer in France in the study of nuclear receptors and their links with transcription, with certain receptors (estrogen, androgen, vitamin D3, vitamin A, etc.) having strong links with cancer, the institute's research teams and technological facilities together account for almost two-thirds of Cancéropôle Est's research strengths. The IGBMC also benefits from the support of numerous associations, such as the Ligue contre le cancer (several accredited teams), the Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer and Worldwide Research Cancer.

A major contributor to research on many types of cancer

The IGBMC interacts with numerous professors at Strasbourg University Hospitals on translational projects involving sarcomas, pancreatic cancers, breast cancers, urological cancers, melanomas and gynecological cancers in particular. For all these types of cancer, medical researchers have completed their thesis at the IGBMC and continue their hospital activities with a research component at the IGBMC.

Some teams have focused their work on both rare and more common cancers:

  • blood cancers
  • skin cancers
  • breast cancer
  • uterine cancer
  • kidney cancer,
  • prostate cancer
  • neuroendocrine tumors
  • some rare cancers

Alongside these teams specialized in cancer research, many other teams have areas of expertise that can be applied to the study of cancer or the emergence of anti-cancer therapies.

Providing fundamental knowledge

The research carried out at the IGBMC touches on a number of cross-disciplinary subjects, and the knowledge generated concerns the biological mechanisms most often involved in cancer pathologies.  For example, the institute is now at the cutting edge of high-performance research, being one of the first research centers in France to characterize the tumor cell ecosystem on a single-cell scale, with the spatio-temporal genomic study of tumors.

Research team(s)