Integrated Structural Biology

Integrated Structural Biology


Catherine BIRCK

The integrated structural biology platform of the center offers project-based access to all advanced tools from sample preparation and biophysical characterization to structural analysis including in particular cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and NMR of proteins and macromolecular complexes including nucleoprotein complexes. Taken together, this allows integrating functional data and various multi-resolution structural data. These activities are supported by experienced engineers and technicians and by the strong scientific environment and know-how provided by the Department of Structural Biology of the center.

We are open to both academic and industrial partners in different ways, from simple services to research projects (collaborations).

Infrastructures and networks

The Integrated Structural Biology platform is involved in several regional, national and European networks and infrastructures:


Project submission

Several ways to submit a proposal for access depending of your laboratory:

If you are a scientist from outside IGBMC:

  1. Directly contact us by using the submission form  (see above)
  2. Our centre (Instruct centre France 1) being part of infrastructures for Integrated Structural Biology, you can apply via:

For any question please contact Marie-Christine Poterszman.

How to mention the platform

In your publications, please mention the use of the platform expertise using the following text: "This work used the Integrated Structural Biology platform of the Strasbourg Instruct-ERIC center IGBMC-CBI supported by FRISBI (ANR-10-INBS-0005)".