Phenotypic analysis and cell screening

Phenotypic analysis and cellular screening



The IGBMC's high throughput cell screening platform provides researchers with an infrastructure for high cell content analysis and a global solution for loss/gain of function genetic screens or chemical screens.

High cell content assays and image analysis are designed, developed, miniaturised and optimised by the platform staff in collaboration with the research teams. Our gene modulation technologies are based on RNA interference and CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

The primary mission of the platform is to support fundamental and translational medical research in the various subjects studied by the Institute's four research departments, in particular oncology and genetic diseases. Associated with the Alsace-Biovalley competitiveness cluster, Conectus-Alsace and the Grand Est cancer cluster, the platform is open to academic research outside the Institute and also to private companies.

The study of the molecular basis of biological processes and cellular phenotypes using gene repression is carried out by transfection of small interfering RNAs and imaging with high cellular content on automated equipment allowing to manage the throughput for screens covering the entire genome. Cell models and conditions are provided by the research groups but can also be developed by the platform itself (fluorescent reporter cell engineering, CRISPR/Cas9 vector production, antibody production, ...).

The identification of molecules and drugs to target/modulate a biological process or a cellular phenotype is carried out using FDA-approved libraries of chemical molecules (Selleckchem or Prestwick).

High cell content analysis is performed on Thermofisher Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan XTi and CX5/7 automated readers.

The IGBMC High Throughput Phenotypic Screening platform participates in functional studies of genes under normal and pathological conditions by providing an infrastructure and a team of experts in cell biology, automation, statistics and bioinformatics to the IGBMC teams as well as to other research institutes in Strasbourg and the Grand Est region. These services are mainly :

  • The development of cellular tests  
  • The development of methods for analysing cellular phenotypes  
  • HCS/HTS screening of siRNA libraries (kinome to genome) on mammalian cells
  • Positive and negative selection screening of pan-genomic CRISPR-Cas9 lentiviral libraries (KO, activation, repression) in mammalian cells
  • HCS/HTS screening of chemical molecules in mammalian cells

Submit a project

The platform is open to all cell-based projects that can be carried out in a L2 containment level. Bacteria and yeast cannot be used on the platform. We have siRNA libraries covering the human and murine genome, chemical molecule libraries, gRNA libraries. We also have automated microscopes to perform multi-parameter analysis of your cells.

Access to the screening laboratory is restricted to the platform staff. You provide us with the necessary reagents and we will implement the project.

Contact us by email ( or by phone (+33 3 88 65 33 14) to discuss the feasibility of your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us to prepare your funding application.

Collaborations and networks

UMR S 1110, UPR 9002, UMR 7021, UMR 7242, UMR S 1109
SATT Conectus, Neurofit




Funding and partners

  • ANR,
  • ANRS,
  • INCA,
  • LNCC,
  • Ingestem,
  • Strasbourg University,
  • CNRS,
  • SATT Conectus Alsace


  • Dharmacon siRNA OTP whole genome libraries (human and mouse)
  • Chemical libraries (Selleckchem and Prestwick)
  • Whole genome sgRNA Cas9 lentiviral libraries (human and mouse)
  • Agilent Biocel automated station with Bravo pipettor (96 or 384 head) in PSM class II
  • Cellomics ArrayScan XTi and CX7 automated microscopes




Prizes & Awards

IBISA label in 2017