Boards and committees

Several authorities participate in the institutional life of the Institute and in operational and strategic decision-making.

The Laboratory Council

The Laboratory Council is a consultative body composed of members by right, elected or appointed and representative of the different categories of staff. Its activity concerns in particular the life of the institute, such as questions of internal regulation or organisation. It is brought together by the unit director at least three times a year.

Members by right

Frédéric Dardel

Named members

Susan ChanFrançoise Lagriffoul
Nicolas Charlet-BerguerandMarc Ruff
Bill KeyesSandrine Testaz

Elected members

College 1 - Permanent Researchers (Research Directors-Professors-Lecturers)

Gabrielle Mengus, CNRS


College 3 -Engineers/Technicians/Administrative Staff

Arnaud Duchon, CNRSLoïc Lindner, GIE CERBM
Regis Lutzing, Strasbourg UniversityAgathe Zouiouiech, INSERM
David Rodriguez, GIE CERBM

The Institute's Scientific Council

The objective of the Institute is to produce knowledge that will bring real advances to the scientific communities in the various fields to which the IGBMC belongs. The Institute has therefore set up a scientific council to provide a forum for exchanges between researchers and management.


Director Frédéric Dardel
Executive director Sandrine Testaz
Director General of Services Françoise Lagriffoul
Departments BDCS Bill Keyes
Departments BDCS Manuel Mendoza
Departments BDCS Nacho Molina
Departments BSI Marc Ruff
Departments BSI Valérie Lamour
Departments BSI Albert Weixelbaumer
Departments FGC Susan Chan
Departments FGC Frédéric Coin
Departments FGC Catherine Tomasetto
Departments TMN Nicolas Charlet-Berguerand
Departments TMN Juliette Godin
Departments TMN Christelle Golzio
Component ICS (GIE) Yann Hérault, PHENOMIN, ICS GIE
Component Biostructure (GIE) Bruno Klaholz, FRISBI, BIOSTRUCTURE GIE
Plateform & Services Christelle Thibault
Assistant Françoise Schubel (assistante)

The International Scientific Council

The International Scientific Council is made up of external members appointed by the unit director after consultation with the Scientific Committee. It is made up of internationally renowned scientists whose expertise is in line with the Institute's research themes. It is consulted in particular on the reception or emergence of new teams within the Institute.

Wolfgang Baumeister presides over the Council.


Conaway Joan UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas USA
Baumeister Wolfgang Max-Planck Institut Münich Germany
Ballabio Andrea TIGEM Naples Italy
Blasco Maria CNIO Madrid Spain
Furlong Eileen EMBL Heidelberg Germany
Levine Michael Princeton University Princeton USA
Riezman Howard University of Geneva Geneva Switzerland
Werner Michel Institut Jacques Mondo Paris France
Zavolan Mihaela Biozentrum Basel Switzerland

A research institute that is both public and private

The IGBMC brings together both public and private personnel, which implies the existence of social dialogue bodies from both professional spheres, such as :

  • a Social and Economic Council, bringing together representatives of the GIE's staff.
  • two committees in charge of health, safety and working conditions: the Local Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee ( supervisory bodies staff) and the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (GIE staff).

To promote economic and professional equality for its staff, the IGBMC GIE publishes the results of the gender equality index every year.