Functional Genomics and Cancer

Functional genomics and cancer


Frederic COIN

Welcome to the homepage of the department of Functional Genomics and Cancer.

Our research is dedicated to understanding the regulation of gene expression in cell and tissue function. Using diverse model organisms from flies to mammals, and in vitro approaches, we study the molecular mechanisms underlying:

  • transcription
  • chromatin remodeling
  • RNA metabolism
  • inter-organelle signaling
  • cell-cell communication

We address the role of these processes in development, physiology and disease, through genomics, biochemistry, structure-function analyses, flow cytometry and imaging.
We collaborate with a diverse network of clinicians to study the deregulation of gene expression in pathologies like leukemias, solid cancers and inflammatory diseases, with the goal of developing diagnostic tools and establishing pre-clinical studies.

If you are interested in joining our department as a group leader, please contact Frédéric Coin (
If you are interested in joining as a postdoc or student, please contact the group leader of the team that interests you.