I’m a researcher in computational biology interested in understanding the regulation of gene expression by transcription factors. During my PhD work in the group of Alexander Stark at the IMP in Vienna, Austria, I studied the conservation of transcription factor binding sites in different Drosophila species and developed tools and pipelines for the comparative analysis of ChIP-seq data. I then worked as an EMBO postdoctoral researcher in the group of Dirk Schübeler at the FMI in Basel, Switzerland, where I investigated the sensitivity of transcription factors to DNA methylation. Since 2017, I am a tenured CNRS researcher at the University of Strasbourg, France. I first joined the group of Michaël Weber at the ESBS where I developed projects investigating the role of transcription factors in mediating aberrant DNA methylation patterns in cancer. Since 2022, I joined the group of Nacho Molina at the IGBMC where I lead projects exploring binding of transcription factors in their chromatin context towards the aim to predict their binding sites and their effect on gene expression. Link to webpage