The research and projects carried out at the IGBMC have helped launch several spin-offs and start-ups. You will find the list below.

List of IGBMC start-ups

Founded in 2011, the company develops new treatments for muscle diseases (genetic such as DMD and chronic such as sarcopenia and cachexia). It has a unique stem cell differentiation technology that allows for the mass production of different cell lineages, including mature skeletal muscle cells, in a standardised manner.

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Founded in 2012, EPIGEX is a start-up that develops and commercialises innovative tools for the study of epigenetic diseases such as cancer, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. EPIGEX offers:

  • innovative tools for the research and screening of new therapeutic molecules ;
  • a new technology for mapping altered protein interactions in epigenetic diseases ;
  • new tumour markers capable of detecting the first signs of the disease, at a time when the prognosis is positive.

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AAVLIFE was renamed Annapurna Therapeutics and acquired in 2016 by Avalanche biotech. Founded in 2014, AAV Life specialises in gene therapy for rare diseases, including Friedreich's ataxia, which combines progressive neurodegenerative damage, heart damage and an increased risk of diabetes.

Founded in 2015, RiboStruct is developing a generic treatment for all genetic diseases when they are caused by a particular type of mutation, nonsense mutations (approx. 10-15 of the cases) by targeting the human ribosome thanks to the unique know-how in ribosome crystallography developed by Marat Yusupov and Gulnara Yusupova at the IGBMC. This new therapeutic approach, trans-reading, is applicable regardless of the gene concerned, unlike gene therapies which each target a specific gene.

Ccreated in 2014 by Marc-André Delsuc and Bruno Kieffer, CASC4DE is a company specialized in the development of analytical methods along with software and data engineering. Its aim is to develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of managing and processing large set of analytical data. They also offers services to answer analytical client’s issues. It proposes multi-analytic approaches with access to advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (19F fluorine, 2D, 3D NMR) or Mass Spectrometry (FTICR MS, 2D FTMS).


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Created in 2015, this project is led by Jocelyn Laporte, head of the "Physiopathology of neuromuscular diseases" team at the IGBMC. The Dynacure project focuses on the development of a therapeutic strategy for Centronuclear Myopathies (CNM), a group of serious and very rare myopathies for which no therapy exists today.

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