10 years of the Unistra Réseau Alumni: emphasis on sharing research

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On March 24, the 10th anniversary evening of the University of Strasbourg Alumni Network will focus on solidarity and the transmission of knowledge in research. On this occasion, Jean-Louis Mandel, researcher at the IGBMC and winner of the prestigious Kavli 2022 prize, and Jocelyn Laporte, head of the Physiopathology of Neuromuscular Diseases team, will speak about the importance of transmission in human genetic research.

Tony Manent alias Tony Concrete, alumni artiste Unistra / Campus Com

To access the evening's program and register, click on this link. Half of the funds collected with the registrations will be used to finance the actions of the new mission "Solidarités" of the University of Strasbourg. This program aims at helping students in precarious situations.



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