Understanding how steroid hormones work in order to limit their side effects

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Steroid hormones are known to be involved in a large number of processes in the human body, such as growth, metabolism and reproduction. Divided into several broad categories, they include glucocorticoids and androgens. To better understand their mode of action and reduce their side effects, the research group led by Delphine Duteil in Daniel Metzger's team is seeking to characterize how they function in different environments. The team from Savoir(s), Unistra's online journal, interviewed the researcher for further details.

Immunofluorescence analysis of regenerating muscle. Here, macrophages (magenta) infiltrate the lesion to clear the muscle of cellular debris. The glucocorticoid receptor (cyan) located in the nuclei (white) helps regulate inflammation. Credits : Sirine Souali-Crespo

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