Congratulations to Diana Condrea on the acceptance of her thesis!

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Congratulations to Diana Condrea for the acceptance of her thesis. Her work was directed by Norbert Ghyselinck and Manuel Mark and titled: “The role of retinoic acid in gamete formation in mice".

During her thesis, Diana Condrea worked on the retinoic acid and its role in gamete formation in mice. With her work, she showed that the retinoic acid isn’t required for meiotic initiation in the fetal ovary, but that it is necessary for meiotic progression in the testicle.

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During her time at the IGBMC, the PhD students won two prizes : “Best oral presentation” at the 10th French Nuclear Receptors Meeting, in Toulouse, and the “Best poster” at her department retreat in December 2021. Diana Condrea worked closely with our Photonic microscopy, Electronic microscopy and Genomeast platforms to lead her research.