IGBMC, well represented in the CNRS Alsace 2021 Year

Prix et distinctions |

CNRS bronze medal obtained by Nadège Vernet, from the Ghyselinck and Mark team, 2 ERC funding obtained by the teams of Minchul Kim and Juliette Godin, several major scientific discoveries, the IGBMC and its staff have achieved great success in 2021! L'Année CNRS Alsace, a magazine highlighting regional successes, was published in October 2022 and IGBMC is well represented. We propose to detail the successes of the IGBMC in 2021, to consult the whole document, follow this link.

3 awards highlighted

In this edition of the CNRS Year, 3 prizes obtained by members of the IGBMC are highlighted:

  • Nadège Vernet, specialized in the differentiation of germline cells into gametes, obtained a CNRS Bronze Medal
  • Violaine Alunni, Marie Cerciat, Bernard Jost, Matthieu Jung, Céline Keime, Christelle Thibault-Carpentier, from the Genomeast platform, for the University of Strasbourg's Research Expertise award
  • Albert Weixlbaumer, for the "Coups d'élan pour la recherche française" prize of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation


5 IGBMC articles recognized

The Alsace delegation of the CNRS highlights 5 articles resulting from IGBMC research in 2021:


2 projects mentioned in the innovation section

2 projects are mentioned in the innovation part of the document, they are:

  • The signature of an exclusive worldwide license agreement between Lysogene and SATT Conectus for the development and commercialization of a drug candidate for Fragile X syndrome
  • Charlotte Bussienne, winner of SATT Conectus' Mature your PhD challenge in 2021


2 European funding awards

Finally, in this edition, 2 ERC funding for 2 different projects of the IGBMC are congratulated by the CNRS Alsace:

  • SynycNucDiff, a project by the Kim team, whose objective is to study the functions and development of syncytial cells
  • TransNeuroFate, project of the Godin team, whose objective is to study the translation step during cortical development, as a new level of regulation of gene expression.

Congratulations to the members of the IGBMC for these great achievements!