Albert WEIXLBAUMER has been awarded a Chair of Excellence for his CoTransSplice project

Prix et distinctions |

A second IGBMC researcher, Albert Weixlbaumer, has been awarded a Chair of Excellence in Biology/Health under the France 2030 initiative. This recognition will provide long-term funding for the research team and strengthen research excellence at the IGBMC.

Decipher the coupling between mRNA splicing and gene transcription

Albert WEIXLBAUMER is one of the laureates of the ANR Chair d’excellence program. The generous funding will support his research group for 5 years, as they tackle a fundamental question: how is the coordination between transcription and splicing achieved in humans?

In gene expression, transcription yields pre-mRNA, a transient DNA copy, which subsequently undergoes splicing to excise non-coding segments, resulting in mature mRNA. The process of splicing is pivotal for human proteomic diversification, as various mature mRNAs can be produced from a single pre-mRNA. Notably, splicing occurs concomitantly with transcription and is regulated by the transcription machinery. Yet, this intricate relationship remains poorly understood and will be the focus of the funded project.

Ultimately, this endeavor aims to enhance our comprehension of the interplay between transcription and splicing, elucidating how humans diversify their proteome and how dysregulation of these processes may contribute to disease.