IGBMC Partnership Day


Your field of activity is biology research, pharmaceutical research, health, biotechnology?

On Friday, June 16, the IGBMC invites you to a day of meetings and presentation of its technological resources in its premises. Free registration required.

At the end of the IGBMC Partnership Day, you will be familiar with the IGBMC's technological offer and the types of R&D partnerships possible. You will have made initial contacts with the IGBMC's platforms through personalized meetings, convivial networking sessions and platform visits.

The IGBMC is equipped with high-level technological resources open to the academic and industrial scientific community:

  • Multi-omics resources
  • Light & electron microscopy
  • Structural biology
  • Biological models
  • Phenotypic screening
  • Viral vectors and plasmids
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Monoclonal antibodies

Several IGBMC platforms are part of innovative national infrastructures, several of which are unique in the region: FRISBI (structural biology), PHENOMIN and CELPHEDIA (construction and phenotypic analysis of rodent lines), France Genomics, France-BioImaging and the French Institute of Bioinformatics. Several of its platforms are quality certified (ISO 9001, NF X 50-900).

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