Congratulations to Alexandra Jiménez Armijo on the acceptance of her thesis!

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Congratulations to Alexandra Jiménez Armijo on the acceptance of her thesis. Her work was directed by Agnès Bloch Zupan and titled: "ROGDI - a novel protein with a leucine zipper domain - dually regulating neurological and orofacial development".

Credits : Théo Brisset, IGBMC

Alexandra Jiménez Armijo worked on the Kohlschütter-Tönz syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by intellectual disability, epilepsy, and a range of neurological and dental abnormalities. With her work, the young researcher introduces a novel Rogdi knockout mouse model for investigating this syndrome’s pathophysiology and exploring ROGDI gene functions.

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During her time at the IGBMC, the PhD student was able to develop crucial skills related to biomedical research such as RNA sequencing analysis, Micro-CT imaging and methods in conducting translational research. Alexandra Jiménez Armijo also won two prizes: “Best oral talk” during the 14th Tooth Morphogenesis and differentiation event and the “Best poster” of the 4th Research and innovation day of the Filière Santé Maladies Rares TETECOU.

Thanks to our platforms in providing their expertise and supervision for her experiments, thanks to GenomEast, Imaging Center, Histopathology and Embryology facilities and our Institut Clinique de la Souris platforms.

Thanks to French Ministry of Health, HUS, FEDER (INTERREG IV, V), ANR, Filière Santé Maladies Rares TETECOU for their support!

Alexandra Jiménez Armijo will now be joining the Reference Center for Rare Oral and Dental Diseases, CRMR O-Rares and associated rare disease network, such as the Filière Santé Maladies Rares TETECOU as project manager! We wish her good luck for this new position!