Genomeast introduces a new sequencing platform: the MGI DNBSEQ G400RS

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GenomEast is pleased to announce the setting up of its new sequencing platform, the MGI DNBSEQ G400RS, and the launch of a new human and mouse whole genome sequencing (WGS) service.

Credits: MGI

Taking advantage of the recent opening up of the sequencing market to competition, with the expiry of several key Illumina patents, the platform seized the opportunity at the end of 2022 to evaluate MGI's DNBSEQ™ technology, an alternative solution for short reads sequencing.  Genomeast has just signed a loan agreement for their sequencer for a period of 1 to 2 years. This new system enables the platform to offer competitive prices for applications requiring high coverage, such as WGS or certain RNA-seq projects (total or polyA), with sequencing quality equivalent to or slightly better than that of Illumina technology.

Main differences between MGI and Illumina sequencing techniques

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The two technologies differ essentially in the construction of sequencing libraries and their amplification. Thus, DNBSEQ™ technology uses circular single-stranded libraries with a central adapter that are amplified by a rolling circle replication system producing DNA nanoballs (DNBs). Each DNB then binds by ionic bonds to a flowcell well. Illumina's technology uses linear double-stranded libraries with an adapter at each end, which are hybridized and then amplified in clusters using bridge PCR. Sequencing itself uses ordered flowcells and a sequencing-by-synthesis method on both platforms.

Thanks to its linear DNB amplification method, in which each replica is generated from the same original template, the DNBSEQ™ solution produces no detectable clonal amplification error (specific to PCR) nor index hopping. It also generates a very limited rate of duplicated sequences.

Services now available on the DNBSEQ G400RS

The MGI sequencer can accommodate two flowcells in parallel, each divided into 4 independent lanes. It is compatible only with MGI library preparation kits. Our analysis pipelines developed for Illumina data are for their part compatible with MGI data.

* according to MGI's commitments in our contract ; # SR : Single Read ; PE : Paired-End

MGI prices are particularly attractive for 2x100 bp (PE100) or 2x150 bp (PE150) paired-end sequencing consumables. These conditions mean that we can now offer our users a WGS service, for example, at an attractive price of €836 excluding VAT/Genome (~3Gb) all-inclusive, with a minimum coverage of 30X at a rate of 5 samples per PE150 flow cell. For RNA-seq services (total or polyA), the use of MGI technology is of interest for projects requiring pair-end sequencing with significant depth, such as the analysis of alternative splicing events. Service rates are available on our web interface.

Please note that all projects submitted must use whole flowcells to limit sequencing times.

Other applications are currently available from our supplier, and may be added to our catalog in response to user demand.