IGBMC hosts the inauguration of the Inserm Pfizer Innovation School

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    The IGBMC is hosting the inauguration event of the Inserm Pfizer Innovation School on Monday, October 17, 2022. Postponed for a year and a half because of the pandemic, this launch event is an opportunity for the two entities, Inserm and Pfizer Innovation France, to sign an additional agreement concerning the financing of 3 promotions of PhD students within this program whose objective is to train students from engineering schools in biology/health research. 

The Inserm Pfizer Innovation School, training engineers in research through research

The Inserm Pfizer Innovation School (EIPI) is a program that aims to bring the fields of research and innovation closer together by bringing students with an engineering background into the research world by pursuing a doctoral thesis in the health field. This program is available in two formats: a summer school and doctorates in the same field.
The summer school is offered at the end of the first year of the engineering cycle to student candidates. About fifteen of them have access to academic training in biology/health, to conferences on innovation or to specific technological expertise. They are also invited to scientific events during their 2nd and 3rd year.
The doctoral students selected for this school receive: a salary for 3 years, an operating grant of €20,000 for the start-up of their project, as well as special support from the pedagogical council, composed of scientific experts.


An event to renew commitment and highlight doctoral students

The inauguration event was the occasion for a joint speech by the two parties of this school, represented by Gilles Bloch, President and General Director of Inserm, and Sylvie Troy, Assistant Medical Director of Pfizer Innovation France. This was also an opportunity for the doctoral students to present their research projects. A badge was presented to them to congratulate them on being the first graduates of the school.


Alix Simon, PhD student in Jocelyn Laporte's team, receives a badge from Sylvie Troy, Assistant Medical Directorof Pfizer Innovation France


Inauguration of the inserm pfizer innovation school, with the classes of 2021 and 2022