Congratulations to Mathieu Massonot on the acceptance of his thesis!

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Congratulations to Mathieu Massonot on the acceptance of his thesis, directed by Christelle Golzio and titled "Study of the role of the CHD8 gene in comorbidities linked to autism spectrum disorders using a multi-organ approach".

Credits : Théo Brisset, IGBMC

Through modelling an ASD disorder of the CHD8 subtype in zebrafish, Mathieu Massonot has demonstrated the appearance of inflammation of the digestive organ when the gene loses its function. He has also developed reproducible behavioural manipulations for modelling behavioural disorders such as anxiety and impaired sociability.
To get an example of his work, you can read this article published in Life Science Alliance.
His experience at the IGBMC has enabled him to acquire solid skills in physiopathology using an in-vivo study model and in project management, as well as developing expertise in the zebrafish model at different stages of development and in several organs.
Thanks to the teams at the aquatic animal facility and the proteomics, genomics, flow cytometry, photonic imaging and the anatomopathology platforms for their support (Sandrine Geschier, Didier Hentsch, Bertrand Vernay, Claudine Ebel, Olivia Wendling, Patrice Goetz-Reiner).
Thanks to the Fondation Anne-Marie et Roger Dreyfus (Fondation France) for supporting Mathieu Massonot.