Two new equipments for the flow cytometry service

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The Flow Cytometry platform has new equipments: a multiparametric analyser and a high-speed cell sorter. Financed by the ITMO CANCER grant and the INRT research cluster, these two machines were installed in September and complete the service offer.

Two new pieces of equipment: an analyser and a sorter

Symphony A1-BD Biosciences analyser

  • 4 lasers (405nm,488nm,561nm,633nm)
  • 16 parameters
  • 2 size parameters (FSC and SSC)
  • SPD (small particle detector) module

The special feature of this analyser is its SPD module, which allows the analysis of microvesicles down to 90nm, which is the critical and limiting size for current systems. It is more powerful, with reduced background noise and better detection sensitivity, and allows better resolutions to be obtained.

ARIA FUSION cell sorter - BD Biosciences

  • 5 lasers (355nm,405nm,488nm,561nm,633nm)
  • 18 parameters
  • 2 size parameters (FSC and SSC)
  • Cloning module
  • 4-way sorting
  • Temperature control module
  • Aerosol Management Option (AMS)

This cell sorter is one of the latest generation of cell sorters with improvements in several areas:

  • Latest generation FlowCell with improved sensitivity for fluorescence signal collection
  • Higher laser powers, and all 5 lasers are spatially separated
  • A more precise cloning module and therefore easier to adjust its position
  • Additional camera for monitoring the filling of the collection tubes
  • Accessing Flow Cytometry Services

To access the platform's equipment, you can consult the platform's operating rules by clicking here. Please note that these new instruments are equipped with the same acquisition software as the old ones, the DIVA software. This makes it easier for people who have already been trained to use the analysers to get started.