Enthalpy-entropy compensation: from solubility diagrams to molecular interactions of biological interest

Le September 30 2022 at 14h00 Séminaire

Enthalpy-entropy compensation (EEC) is mentioned in a wide range of unrelated domains, which leads to an equally wide range of specific, and sometimes exotic, explanations of it. I will show that the quest for such explanations is unjustified as EEC is a mere consequence of classical thermodynamics. EEC is characterized by the so-called compensation temperature Tc that cannot be predicted from thermodynamics alone. However, unexpectedly, thermodynamics imposes a strict limit on its minimum possible value: I will present experimental examples supporting this theoretical prediction.  I will show how thermodynamics, supplemented with experimental information, yields a 'theoretical' estimate of the Tc for the EEC appearing in the study of protein stability. These considerations will be illustrated with different examples of peptide/protein interaction

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Auditorium, IGBMC


Dr Dumas Philippe