Congratulations to Olga Kolosova on the acceptance of her thesis!

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Congratulations to Olga Kolosova for the successful defense of her thesis ! Her work was directed by Marat Yusupov and Gulnara Yusupova and titled: "Ribosome Inhibition: cryo-EM and advancements in X-ray crystallography".

Credits: Théo Brisset

In her thesis, Olga Kolosova worked on different challenges related to crystallography and cryo-EM through a ribosomal perspective. Olga addressed issues like Candida albicans drug resistance and mechanisms of readthrough enhancement. She successfully developed a crystallization protocol for the eukaryotic ribosome from Candida albicans.

Want to know more about mechanisms of Candida albicans drug resistance? You can read this article published in Science Advances :

During her time at the IGBMC, the PhD student was able to master advanced skills related to structural biology, such as crystallography and cryo-electron microscropy.

Olga Kolosova's thesis was made possible through the valuable support of IMCbio and FRM, and its successful execution is also attributed to the contributions of select IGBMC platforms and staff members. Our Cryo-EM platform assisted her to obtain data for the elongation-competent ribosome complex. With the help of our Crystallography platform, the student was able to find the right crystallization conditions for the Candida albicans ribosome. Finally, the Proteomics platform worked with Olga Kolosova to elucidate the protein modifications in the Candida albicans ribosome.

Olga Kolosova will be staying with us at IGBMC in the Marat Yusupov and Gulnara Yusupova team where she will continue on her projects!

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